Frequently Asked Question

  1. How to work Flexographic Printing Machine?

    With the goal of presenting Flexographic Printing Machines of the latest technological concepts, NAVJIVAN has come out with a range of answers. Our intensive research and development into the needs and expectations of our customers, thrust for innovation and improvements and our vast engineering expertise, have resulted in flexographic printing machine of different configuration and capabilities

    -single colour to four colour prints of designes, - different printing widths, from 28” to 110’ and printing length from 54” to 102”,

    - high accuracies in colour-registration plus minus 2 m.m., - different type of material to be printed, - ink circulating system, - anilox roller based / rubber stereo based image transfer, -digital counting for production data, AC variable speed drive mechanism with push button starter. Because of availability of different options, right investment decisions can be taken.

  2. What is your Global Presence?

    Navjivan Exports are active on every continent and in every major economic market on the planet – including Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, Holland, Hungry, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Latin America, Loma Togo, Malavi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, R.D.Congo, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Sultanate of Oman, Tanzania, Uganda, U.K., U.S.A., Yamen & Zamba.