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The parent company Navjivan Engineering Works (NEW) was started by Madhavlal Panchal, hailing from an artisan community in the year 1946 to fulfill the demand for parts of machines of textile mills in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Bharat Panchal, current driving force behind Navjivan Exporters, after completion of schoolin, joined his father at a young age of 15, to learn engineering trade, as was the practice of artisan community at that point of time.

Young Bharat imbibed his father’s firm belief on quality and by the year 1971 NEW established itself as renowned and dependable company for supply of parts to textile industry...

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Global Presence

Navjivan Exports combines laser focus on procurement with an expansive global footprint that leverages top talent from around the world.

Navjivan Exports are active on every continent and in every major economic market on the planet – including Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, Holland, Hungry, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Latin America, Loma Togo, Malavi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar...

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